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Welcome to the official blog of HVAC Comfort, where you’ll find the latest industry news and much more for all things residential air conditioning and heating-related! Since HVAC systems gets used year round here in Michigan, we’ve got blog posts answering all sorts of questions you may have about your system.

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  • SEER Ratings Explained

    SEER ratings are important to consider when choosing an air conditioning or heat pump system, as more efficient systems can save homeowners money on their energy bills.
  • 3 Types of Whole-Home Humidifiers And the Benefits of Each

    Whole home humidifiers offer humidity throughout your whole home, whereas stand alone humidifiers only put humidity in one room that it is in. That being said, there’s more than one type of whole-home system, each with their own benefits. We’ll use this article to explain benefits, upkeep, and how each type of system works.
  • Smart Thermostats: Are They Worth It?

    Smart thermostats are becoming more and more ubiquitous across homes in America. But are they worth it?
  • Why Does My Furnace Smell?

    Do you smell a strange odor when turning on your furnace? There could be a number of issues, ranging from minor to dangerous.
  • How Should I Prepare My AC Unit For The Summer?

    With hotter weather on the way -- or already here, in some parts of the country -- it's time to check out your air conditioner to ensure you keep your home cool in the next few months. Preparing your air conditioner requires that you set aside some time, but it's a straightforward project that won't take very long.
  • What Are The Most Common Furnace Malfunctions?

    There is never a good time for a furnace to break down. No matter when it happens, you know you’re likely to be cold for a while as you wait for the repair to happen. When homeowners know the most common reasons for furnace problems, they can often do the work necessary to prevent a breakdown, no matter when that might be.
  • Tips For Preparing Your Furnace For The Cooler Months

    It's getting colder. To protect your home and stay comfortable during the winter months, remember to replace your furnace filter, clean your air vents, and follow other best practices from HVAC Comfort.
  • Should I Leave My AC Off When I’m On Vacation?

    If you want to save money on your electric bill, you will obviously want to leave your AC off while you are on vacation. If you live in a hot climate, you should know that A/C units draw an extreme amount of electricity and are likely to make up the majority of your electric bill. Of course, our choice to leave on your AC unit depends on your circumstances and finances.
  • Common AC Issues and How To Fix Them

    A malfunctioning air conditioner can be a cause for alarm, especially during hot summer weather. While many AC issues require a certified technician to repair, basic troubleshooting techniques may help you find a quick fix for some common AC problems. Here is a guide to solving common AC problems.
  • Why Isn’t My Home AC Blowing Out Cold Air?

    Now that it's the summer, chances are you're relying on your central air conditioner heavily to stay cool. Unfortunately, on the first blistering day of summer, many homeowners find that their home AC is no longer blowing out cold air. If your home AC isn't blowing out cold air, here are some tips that should help you identify the issue.