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AC Maintenance Near Oakland County

Have you fallen behind on getting your air conditioner maintained? Professional HVAC maintenance is important for minimizing problems and avoiding costly repair expenses. Simply call HVAC Comfort, and we’ll schedule a professional to come and check that everything is running smoothly and issues are resolved before they require more work and greater expense.

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Keep Your AC Unit Healthy

We often hear stories about Michigan homeowners getting a big surprise in May or June after periods of no maintenance on their AC units. No matter the time of year, HVAC maintenance services are crucial to ensuring your unit works when you need it most. This goes beyond simple cleanings and filter changes: The experts at HVAC Comfort can find faulty parts and replace them in a snap.

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HVAC Maintenance Services

What does AC maintenance include? Our Coleman and Mitsubishi factory-trained technicians have the skills and resources to complete tasks that involve preserving your air conditioner and resolving AC problems, including:

  • Replacing old or bad parts
  • Cleaning the AC interior and coils
  • Removing dust from vents, grills, and registers
  • Checking the unit’s refrigerant levels
  • Inspecting the fan and blower
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What Your Neighbors Say About Us

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Rhoshonda Knox

“HVAC Comfort has always provided EXCELLENT, speedy, effective service! Will quickly diagnosed our problem and had it resolved. We’ve used them for tune-up service, maintenance and a humidifier replacement! Thank you Will and HVAC Comfort!”

West Bloomfield

HVAC maintenance, HVAC maintenance service, HVAC furnace maintenance, what does AC maintenance include, ac maintenance

Danita Hoover

“Very pleased with their service. Called and they we’re there same day. Technician Will was very knowledgeable and helpful with my issue. Would recommend them for all your heating and cooling issues and tune ups.”


HVAC maintenance, HVAC maintenance service, HVAC furnace maintenance, what does AC maintenance include, ac maintenance

Sima Duato

“Will is always prompt, thorough, and very pleasant. He explains what he’s doing, what’s he’s seeing and how to fix whatever is wrong. There is never any upsell with this company. We’ve been using their services for nearly 8 years.”

Oak Park

Need a New AC Unit?

If you’re looking to buy a new AC Unit or replace your old one, HVAC Comfort can provide you with a new one based on your home’s size and needs. We’ll also install the unit on your behalf so you get cooling in your house right away. Call for a free estimate and to learn about our flexible financing options.

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HVAC Maintenance FAQs

  • How much does AC maintenance typically cost?

    AC maintenance is fairly inexpensive for most homeowners. The national average that the typical homeowner pays is only $100, while the most you would be expected to pay is $250.

    If your furnace or AC system requires replacement, we have financing options that allow you to pay in increments instead of all at once. Fill out an online loan application to get started.

  • My AC is broken. Is that an emergency?

    In some cases, a broken AC unit is considered an emergency. If your AC unit breaks down in the middle of a hot summer week—and if young children, elderly people, or immune-impaired individuals live in the home—you’ll urgently need cool air to run in the home.

    Contact HVAC Comfort with your emergency HVAC repair request.

  • How often should you maintain your AC?

    Call HVAC Comfort at least once (if not two or three times) a year for professional HVAC maintenance in Oakland County. This ensures you’ll have a long-lasting air conditioner that doesn’t degrade in performance until it’s in the latter part of its lifecycle.

    Between AC maintenance visits, don’t neglect taking a look at your AC on your own every once in a while. Changing or cleaning the filter every three months to prevent clogging and other exhaust problems is still necessary.

  • How long is an AC maintenance appointment?

    A typical maintenance appointment lasts anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours. With some exceptions, you can expect the HVAC maintenance inspection to go by quickly. Our flexible scheduling allows you to pick a time that’s convenient for you.

  • I have a ductless air conditioner. Can HVAC Comfort perform an inspection on it?

    Any professional air conditioning unit for the home is eligible for HVAC maintenance in Clarkston and surrounding areas. We inspect central and ductless AC systems, and no brand is off limits.

  • My AC is in its twilight years. Are there any offers regarding a new AC?

    If you know you’ll be needing a new air conditioner soon and you want to ensure it lasts as long as possible, consider an Ultimate Home Comfort™ plan. With this plan, you get a new Coleman® air conditioner with 10 years of scheduled maintenance and repairs. With no installation fees, payments start at $84 a month. Add a new Coleman® furnace and pay $156 a month (starting price).