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Furnace Maintenance Near Oakland County

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good time to ensure your furnace will help you get through the coldest months. HVAC Comfort offers reliable furnace maintenance near Clarkston and surrounding cities in Oakland County and Livingston County, Michigan. Schedule an appointment with one of our heating specialists to ensure your home is a warm, relaxing place to be for the next year.

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Beat the Cold: Get Your Furnace Maintained

When you’ve been out in the harsh Michigan winter, you need a heater or furnace that works quickly and works well. Don’t wait until the chill sets in to be sure your furnace is in top shape. Furnace maintenance is important all year long. Conducting annual inspections for your heater will also help you save money; after all, when your furnace is working efficiently, it’s not running up the bill.

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Furnace Maintenance Services

With each heater or furnace inspection, we check to ensure your unit is operating properly and everything is in place. Here’s what HVAC Comfort does during every furnace maintenance call:

  • Replace the filter
  • Clean the burners and flame sensors
  • Examine the CO detector and heat exchangers
  • Lubricate the fan and blower
  • Clean or empty the humidifier
  • Inspect the air ducts, grills, and registers
  • Test the ignition, thermostat, and controls
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What Your Neighbors Say About Us

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Rhoshonda Knox

“HVAC Comfort has always provided EXCELLENT, speedy, effective service! Will quickly diagnosed our problem and had it resolved. We’ve used them for tune-up service, maintenance and a humidifier replacement! Thank you Will and HVAC Comfort!”

West Bloomfield

furnace maintenance, HVAC maintenance service, HVAC furnace maintenance

Danita Hoover

“Very pleased with their service. Called and they we’re there same day. Technician Will was very knowledgeable and helpful with my issue. Would recommend them for all your heating and cooling issues and tune ups.”


furnace maintenance, HVAC maintenance service, HVAC furnace maintenance

Sima Duato

“Will is always prompt, thorough, and very pleasant. He explains what he’s doing, what’s he’s seeing and how to fix whatever is wrong. There is never any upsell with this company. We’ve been using their services for nearly 8 years.”

Oak Park

Need a New Furnace?

HVAC Comfort will help your family pick the best furnace for you home’s size and needs. Whether you’re looking to buy a new furnace or replace an existing one, you can count on our technicians to install the unit. Call for a free estimate or schedule an appointment for an in-person inspection and information on financing options. Ultimate Home Comfort™ by Coleman offers new furnace units at a low monthly cost with no hidden fees or down payments.

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Furnace Maintenance FAQs

  • What is the difference between maintaining a furnace and maintaining an AC?

    Furnace and AC units run very similarly, but their energy input and outputs are what set them apart. Unlike air conditioners, heaters or furnaces don’t require refrigerants or any additional fluid to produce heat, as electricity creates heat on its own. The heater does use more power, though, so it will cost more to run and repair. That’s why it’s so important to be sure your furnace or heater is running as efficiently as possible through regular furnace maintenance tune-ups.

  • How can I maintain a heater or furnace on my own?

    Homeowners can maintain their heater or furnace between formal inspections. Replacing the filter is one of the primary things you need to do for your furnace. Furnace filters are thinner than AC filters, so they require more frequent changes. Replace your filter with a one- or two-inch filter every one to three months. For filters as thick as six inches, replace them every nine months to one year.

    If you know your furnace inside and out, you can also think about cleaning the system, including the combustion chamber, oil filter, and vents. Cleaning tasks require the right equipment and set of skills, though, so we recommend leaving these tasks to HVAC Comfort technicians. When you trust our technicians to take good care of your furnace, you’ll also eliminate the worry that you might damage something if you try to maintain your furnace yourself.

  • How do I know if my furnace needs a repair in the near future?

    HVAC Comfort’s furnace maintenance service ensures that your system is running efficiently, which extends the life of your unit. But if your furnace hasn’t been inspected in a while, it might experience problems in the future that may require more work than an inspection. Here are some signs that you need a repair:

    • Unusual noises coming from your unit
    • Cold or limited air coming through the vents
    • Inexplicable increases in your utility bills
  • How long do furnaces last?

    A furnace that gets regular maintenance will last about 15 to 20 years. Failing to commit to a yearly HVAC furnace maintenance may lead to a shorter furnace life, with repairs costing more and requiring more labor.

    If you’re approaching the 15- or 20-year mark or you’re experiencing unresolvable furnace issues, work with HVAC Comfort to install a new furnace in your Oakland County home.

  • Is it a problem to keep my furnace running in Michigan?

    Keeping the furnace running for long periods of time won’t cause it to overheat or shut down. When a heater continues to run for a long period of time, it will work harder in order to maintain your desired room temperature. At times when it’s very cold and you’re home all day, you can get away with leaving the heater on to stay warm, but don’t leave the furnace on all day and every day, or the unit may wear out earlier than you expect.