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AC Repair & Home Services Near White Lake, Oakland County, MI

Being a homeowner in White Lake, Oakland County, brings pride like few other things can. Maintaining your home, however, can be a challenge, especially if you don’t know where to turn for help when things break down. HVAC Comfort is your Oakland County expert for all heating, cooling, and air quality needs. We also know a few folks who we trust to help you out when other items in your home require an expert. We can recommend providers that work like we do, are friendly and efficient, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done right. So, whether you need a local AC repair, a new garage door, or a plumbing repair, we have the right people for you!

HVAC Comfort—AC Repair and Installation

HVAC Comfort understands that your home is more than a house. It’s a place for a birthday party in the backyard for your kids, a Sunday dinner with the football game on in the living room, and a place to thrive as a family. HVAC Comfort’s ties run deep—we opened our doors in 1998—and we’re honored to celebrate another year serving families within the community we share.

In Oakland County, a working AC is necessary to keep your family comfortable and cozy. HVAC Comfort’s air conditioning services are designed to help you find just the right air conditioning unit, and we can fix an AC on the fritz or keep your existing AC running smoothly with our AC repair services. Our certified HVAC repair technicians are ready to help you stay cool and hold onto your hard-earned money. 

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Lansing Door—Garage Door Repair and Replacement

A garage door that isn’t opening and closing correctly, or at all, is definitely a safety hazard. Call our friends at Lansing Door. They work seven days a week, so you can count on them to get your garage door repaired and rolling.

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Big E’s Plumbing Services—Plumbing Repair

Water turning cold right in the middle of your shower or a busted pipe are home maintenance problems no one wants to tackle alone. Our friends at Big E’s Plumbing are who we call when we need help fast, and Brighton and White Lake agree—the reviews for Big E’s are outstanding. You can trust their team to repair any plumbing issue.

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S&M Drywall—Drywall Services

Whether you have drywall repairs or a major renovation project or you finally want your old popcorn ceilings removed, S&M Drywall does it all. S&M Drywall specializes in hanging, spotting, repairs, and full finishing—quickly and efficiently. S&M Drywall also helps with drywall repair after a major plumbing or AC repair service. Give them a call for all of your drywall needs—we do!

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Tony’s Appliance Service—General Appliance Services

Don’t leave it to chance when your appliances break down. Tony’s Appliance Service will have your machines humming like new in a flash. Whether it’s your refrigerator, washer and dryer, or your oven, you can count on Tony’s Appliance Service for expert appliance repair.

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Written By: HVAC Comfort Team