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How Often Should I Get a Furnace Inspection?

When the cold northern winds blow all winter, making sure you can heat your home is a top priority! 

Keeping your furnace in proper working order is important for many reasons. It helps ensure your furnace runs safely and efficiently, and that can save you from worry and increased heating bills. Plus, it can delay any need for furnace and AC replacement. In addition to quarterly filter changes and under-the-hood cleaning, you should book a furnace inspection (or tune-up) once per year from pros in Clarkston who have the HVAC expertise to keep your family comfortable and cozy.

Don’t get stuck in the cold. Call the experts at HVAC Comfort to inspect your furnace.

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Furnaces Should Be Inspected Once Per Year

Furnace inspections for homeowners in Oakland County and Livingston County should happen once per year, helping your family get ahead of costly repairs. During your annual furnace inspection, you can expect a checkup on safety, preventive maintenance, and efficiency. 

We Inspect Your Furnace for Safety

Dust, pet hair, and other particles can build up in your heating ducts and affect the ventilation of the furnace. This blockage causes overheating. Loose ducts and vents or faulty parts in the furnace mechanism can cause other safety issues. Regular furnace inspections by an experienced technician can help your family avoid these issues in the dead of winter.

We Extend the Life of Your Furnace Through Preventative Maintenance

It’s better to just need a part replacement than a full furnace replacement in Brighton and surrounding towns. If we find faulty parts, we’ll replace them right away—without the delays associated with having to order new parts. This will help keep your furnace in working order so you can tackle the expense of a new furnace in the future.

We Increase the Efficiency of Your System

Keeping your furnace in proper working order will make sure it’s always running without issue. A flawless unit means that you save money on your heating bills and avoid unexpected repair calls. With all the heat and energy involved with running a furnace, internal parts can wear down over time, so the unit will eventually falter. Annual furnace inspections and tune-ups ensure that you don’t run into any problems when you least expect them. 

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What to Expect with Furnace Inspection and Costs

If you hold off until your furnace breaks, you could end up paying up to $825 just to fix the unit, and that might just be the start. Issues tend to pile up without regular maintenance, and you could be in for more repairs or require a new furnace installation. Fewer problems occur when a professional inspects your furnace on a regular basis.  

It’s much less expensive to schedule annual maintenance, as you’ll only end up paying around $129 for our 50-Point Precision Tune-Up. This tune-up involves checking around every corner and connection of your furnace for wear and tear and potential signs of failure.

An experienced furnace technician will do an efficient and thorough inspection so your furnace is ready to heat your home for the whole winter. 

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Note: Many furnace manufacturers and installers require you to have your furnace inspected and properly maintained for warranty reasons.

A Small Investment Saves Money Year Round

Furnace and air conditioning inspection costs are nominal compared to the savings you’ll see on your utility bill. Having your furnace inspected annually is a wise choice—no matter the age or type of your unit.

For help with furnace inspection and repair in Oakland and Livingston County, Michigan, work with HVAC Comfort. Our experts are your neighbors, friends, and family. We’re focused on solving your AC and furnace problems with a foundation of integrity, quality, and efficiency.

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Written By: HVAC Comfort Team