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AC Repair Near Oakland County

Michigan summers can get hot. Don’t battle 80+ degree muggy temperatures when June hits—work with HVAC Comfort to repair your AC. Our trusted technicians can diagnose the problem and give you cost-effective HVAC service solutions. We aim to help you and your family stay cool all summer long.

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When to Call Us for Emergency AC Repair:

  • Your AC won’t turn on or prematurely shuts down.
  • Your AC is blowing warm or room-temperature air
  • Little or no air is coming out of your vent.
  • Your AC is making clicking, squealing, or other loud noises.
  • You notice a musty, burning, or foul smell when your AC is on.
  • The AC unit isn’t working with the thermostat.
  • Your electricity bill is higher than expected.

These can all be signs of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit or electrical malfunctions in your unit. A broken AC can be hazardous. If no cold air is blowing—you and your family could be at risk of heat stroke during the summer.

Stay safe. Repair your AC immediately when you notice a problem.

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AC Repair Services

Our Coleman- and Mitsubishi-trained technicians have years of experience with AC repairs in Oakland County. We’ve seen it all, and we’ve fixed it all. Count on the HVAC Comfort team to repair any problems with your AC unit. These are the most common services we provide:

  • Replacing fuses
  • Adding refrigerant
  • Replacing air filters
  • Installing new capacitors
  • Replacing or repairing the thermostat
  • Cleaning, repairing, or replacing coils
  • Replacing or repairing the compressor
  • Emptying the condensation drain
  • Replacing the fan

It can be frustrating and scary when your AC breaks down. With the help of HVAC Comfort, you can rest easy, knowing that our team can service your home and you can go back to being comfortable in no time. Many of these common AC problems can be repaired on the same day, and they may cost less than you think!

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What Your Neighbors Say About Us

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Rhoshonda Knox

“HVAC Comfort has always provided EXCELLENT, speedy, effective service! Will quickly diagnosed our problem and had it resolved. We’ve used them for tune-up service, maintenance and a humidifier replacement! Thank you Will and HVAC Comfort!”

West Bloomfield

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Danita Hoover

“Very pleased with their service. Called and they we’re there same day. Technician Will was very knowledgeable and helpful with my issue. Would recommend them for all your heating and cooling issues and tune ups.”


repair ac, ac repair, ac repair near Oakland County, HVAC service, home ac repair near me, HVAC inspection

Sima Duato

“Will is always prompt, thorough, and very pleasant. He explains what he’s doing, what’s he’s seeing and how to fix whatever is wrong. There is never any upsell with this company. We’ve been using their services for nearly 8 years.”

Oak Park

Need a New AC Unit?

If you’re looking to upgrade or replace your AC unit, HVAC Comfort can provide you with a new one based on your home’s size and needs. We’ll also install the unit on your behalf so you get cooling in your house right away. Call for a free estimate and to learn about our flexible financing options.

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AC Repair FAQs

  • What is the cost of AC repair?

    The cost of your AC repair in Oakland County will depend on what’s wrong and what we need to do to fix it. Generally, AC repair costs between $75 and $2,900, with an average of $293 per visit. We’re committed to price transparency. HVAC Comfort will perform a full AC and furnace inspection for just $49. Once we know what’s wrong, we’ll tell you exactly how much you can expect to pay for repairs. Ask about our financing options or start your application online.

  • What is the cost to replace an AC?

    Through Ultimate Home Comfort™, families can finance a new AC for as little as $84 a month. If you choose to purchase your AC outright, expect a starting price of $7,000.

  • Do you tip AC repair technicians?

    It’s up to you! Our expert AC technicians are paid fairly for their work. We believe our technicians deserve to be taken care of, but it’s not up to the customers to pay extra. However, if you’d like to tip, you’re welcome to do so. Sometimes a cold glass of water and a quick “Thank you!” is more than enough kindness.

  • Does home insurance cover AC repairs?

    Typically, homeowner’s insurance does not cover AC repair related to normal wear and tear. In some cases, insurance may cover AC repairs if the problem was caused by a covered incident, such as a storm, flood, or theft. However, the deductible is often greater than the cost of the repair, so many homeowners choose not to use insurance.

    Your home warranty or the warranty on your AC system may cover the cost of the repair. Our technicians can help you check to see if either of these situations apply.

  • How long does it take to cool the house after you repair the AC?

    Your home may take several hours to cool down after we complete your AC repair. Exactly how long depends on the size of your home, how hot it got, the temperature outside, and the humidity. On hot, humid days in Oakland County, MI, you can expect an average-sized home to take about three hours to cool about 10 degrees. However, you should notice cool air blowing from the vents immediately.