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How Often Should I Get AC Inspections?

Most people will only request an AC inspection when they detect a problem. When the appliance starts producing strange noises or blows warm air, this is when most homeowners will call for technical assistance. While it is likely that most people will not think about an AC inspection when the unit is working perfectly, it is recommended that you get your air conditioner inspected at least once every year. After your inspection, it is advised to have the unit cleaned thoroughly for optimal performance.

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Why Should You Get Yearly AC Inspections

There are many reasons why you should have your AC inspected on a regular basis. When an AC system is inspected and cleaned properly, you’ll see year-round operational efficiency and lower energy bills. Families also report less costly repairs and a prolonged life of their unit. AC inspections can also help the technician to identify and prevent health hazards such as carbon monoxide leaks, keeping your family safe and not at risk for health complications. Learn more about how an HVAC inspection is conducted through energy.gov.

When to Schedule AC Repair Service

The best time of year to call an expert to inspect your AC unit and conduct repairs would be in the spring to ensure your unit will function as expected throughout Michigan’s summer months. It is always advisable to have them AC inspections completed before the dead of summer so you’re not left without an AC. 

If you’re experiencing these issues, schedule your AC inspection and AC repair service immediately:

  • When there is an excessive amount of turning on and off
  • When you notice smoke emanating from the unit while it is in use
  • If your unit is unable to maintain the desired temperature
  • When the unit produces knocking and groaning sounds
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Save Money with HVAC Comfort in White Lake, MI

The cost of an HVAC inspection is nominal compared to the savings on your energy bill. Consider a yearly or semi-annual AC inspection to reduce costly repairs in the future. HVAC Comfort works hard to extend the life of your AC units. 

We work with families across Oakland and Livingston County, Michigan. Our AC repair experts are your neighbors, friends, and family. We’re focused on solving your HVAC problems with a foundation of integrity, quality, and efficiency.

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Originally Published: April 30, 2021

Written By: HVAC Comfort Team