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Furnace and Heater Repair Near Oakland County, MI

When hot chocolate isn’t enough to keep you warm, you depend on your furnace to keep your home cozy and safe. Your home is your retreat, and ensuring that you have the comfort you expect from your furnace is our number one goal. When something goes wrong with your heat, don’t trust your furnace repairs to just anyone—HVAC Comfort has you covered, even if the snow does too!

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Contact the friendly HVAC Comfort team for emergency furnace repair and installation. We accommodate emergency and next-day repairs. We know not every issue is an emergency, but when it is, you need service fast. We don’t cut corners or apply bandages—we fix it quickly and correctly.

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Signs You Need Furnace Repair

  • Your furnace fails to turn on.
  • The furnace is blowing air, but it’s not warm.
  • You hear unusual noises or smell bad odor from your furnace.
  • You see a puddle of water around the furnace.
  • The furnace’s pilot light is yellow or another color that isn’t blue.
  • The furnace is sparking or smoking.
Request Furnace Repair

Call 911 immediately if your carbon monoxide detector goes off. Carbon monoxide exposure can be fatal. Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of your furnace’s combustion process and should be treated by your local fire department. Leave your home immediately and call emergency services.

Contact HVAC Comfort after emergency services respond to your call. If your furnace is less than ten years old, HVAC Comfort will advise furnace repair. If your furnace is over ten years old, our technicians will recommend replacing your furnace.

Furnace Repair Services

Our expert technicians know every brand and model of furnace inside and out. Whether your unit needs a thorough cleaning or a brand-new blower motor, we cover all the bases when it comes to furnace repair near Clarkston, MI. In addition to addressing any issues you’re having, each of our furnace repair services include

  • Replacing broken parts
  • Removing dirt and dust from components
  • Lubricating oil bearings
  • Inspecting the fan and blower
  • Examining the thermostat and controls
  • Inspecting the heat exchanger
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What Your Neighbors Say About Us

Roshanda Knox

Rhoshonda Knox

“HVAC Comfort has always provided EXCELLENT, speedy, effective service! Will quickly diagnosed our problem and had it resolved. We’ve used them for tune-up service, maintenance and a humidifier replacement! Thank you Will and HVAC Comfort!”

West Bloomfield

Danita Hoover

Danita Hoover

“Very pleased with their service. Called and they were there same day. Technician Will was very knowledgeable and helpful with my issue. Would recommend them for all your heating and cooling issues and tune ups.”


Sima Duato

Sima Duato

“Will is always prompt, thorough, and very pleasant. He explains what he’s doing, what’s he’s seeing and how to fix whatever is wrong. There is never any upsell with this company. We’ve been using their services for nearly 8 years.”

Oak Park

Need a New Furnace?

Sometimes repairs just aren’t enough. If your furnace is older than ten years and it seems like you’re repairing it nonstop, it could be time for a new furnace. HVAC Comfort takes the time to understand your needs and provide you with a new unit based on your home’s size and your budget. Call for a free estimate and to learn about our furnace installation services.

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Heater and Furnace Repair FAQs

  • Why do problems occur with my furnace in the first place?

    With our severe Michigan winters, you need to run your furnace regularly to stay warm, which requires a lot of power to the unit and can wear out several internal parts over time. If the furnace isn’t repaired, cleaned, and maintained on a regular basis, it can fail to do its job properly.

  • When should I consider getting a new furnace installed?

    If you have an older furnace (ten or more years), it may require a lot of heat and energy to keep running. Newer furnaces have efficiencies of up to 98%, so you can warm your home with less power.

    If you’re constantly calling for furnace repairs, we may recommend a replacement to avoid investing more money in an aging unit. Learn more about furnace installations.