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Emergency AC Repair & Furnace Repair Near Clarkston, White Lake, & Oakland County

When something goes wrong with your AC, or when you have a furnace emergency at home, you need fast and reliable service. HVAC Comfort is proud to provide homeowners and families near Oakland and Livingston County, MI, with emergency repair services anytime you need them—off-seasons included. 

Even though we work quickly to address your needs during an emergency AC repair or furnace repair service call, we don’t cut corners or apply bandage solutions. We deliver the same quality of work you’ll get for scheduled repairs and routine maintenance. This commitment to quality includes installing parts and equipment from reputable brands to ensure your system runs well for many seasons to come.

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Call Us for Emergency AC Repair

We understand that some AC and cooling problems can be more serious than others. If you see sparks, smoke, or leaking water, or if you smell gas coming from your equipment, turn it off right away and call us to get started on a timely repair. We also consider it an AC emergency when we’re experiencing extreme temperatures and your HVAC or furnace isn’t capable of working to keep children, older adults, and/or pets in your home safe.

Don’t delay—stay safe by connecting with AC repair professionals whenever you encounter these issues at home:

  • AC smells like gas
  • AC is making a loud or unusual noise (examples include clicking and squealing)
  • AC won’t turn on 
  • AC shuts down on its own 
  • AC blows warm air or room-temperature air 
  • AC isn’t blowing air 
  • AC is sparking 
  • AC is leaking (water, refrigerant, or something that’s not clear)
  • AC is making a musty or burning smell 
  • AC temperature won’t change when you change the thermostat
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Call Us for Emergency Furnace Repair

We also offer speedy emergency furnace repairs to help Clarkston families escape the cold at home. Whether your unit acts up or fails to act at all, we’ll be there to address the situation and make your home comfortable again.

Don’t delay—stay safe by connecting with furnace repair professionals when these issues appear at home:

  • Furnace smells musty
  • Furnace makes a loud or unusual noise (examples include squeaking and popping)
  • Furnace won’t turn on
  • Furnace turns off prematurely
  • Furnace blows mild or cold air
  • Pilot light displays another color other than blue
  • Furnace makes a musty or burning smell
  • Furnace takes a long time to heat the home
  • You notice an unusual increase in energy costs
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What Your Neighbors Say About Us

Roshanda Knox

Rhoshonda Knox

“HVAC Comfort has always provided EXCELLENT, speedy, effective service! Will quickly diagnosed our problem and had it resolved. We’ve used them for tune-up service, maintenance and a humidifier replacement! Thank you Will and HVAC Comfort!”

West Bloomfield

Danita Hoover

Danita Hoover

“Very pleased with their service. Called and they were there same day. Technician Will was very knowledgeable and helpful with my issue. Would recommend them for all your heating and cooling issues and tune ups.”


Sima Duato

Sima Duato

“Will is always prompt, thorough, and very pleasant. He explains what he’s doing, what’s he’s seeing and how to fix whatever is wrong. There is never any upsell with this company. We’ve been using their services for nearly 8 years.”

Oak Park

Emergency HVAC Repair FAQs

  • What determines the cost of an emergency repair in Clarkston, MI?

    Home Advisor reports that the average emergency HVAC repair job costs $318. The cost of an emergency furnace repair depends on these factors:

    • The repair needed (How severe is it?) 
    • The parts and resources needed to repair your unit 
    • The age and efficiency of your current AC or furnace system
  • Are there financing options?

    We’ve all been there. Financing a new system is one of the biggest concerns Clarkston residents face. These are expenses we rarely anticipate, especially when we need that money elsewhere. Fortunately, there are several ways we help alleviate financial hurdles so homeowners don’t find themselves in a bind.

     For those who can’t pay for the repair right away, we offer flexible financing options. When you’re applying for a loan from OPTIMUS Financing, GoodLeap, or GreenSky, you can find out which plans you qualify for pending a credit evaluation. From there, you can pay off the costs in monthly increments online. Make each payment at your leisure—at home or on the go.

  • How can I keep my AC or furnace in good condition?

    The best way to deal with furnace and AC problems is by preventing them from happening in the first place. We offer both AC maintenance and furnace maintenance services on a routine basis for each homeowner who signs up. Each service costs just $200 a year, which can go a long way toward keeping problems from popping up. Once we find and fix any issues, we can continue to inspect your system to keep your home comfortable.

Why Michigan Homeowners Trust HVAC Comfort

HVAC Comfort has been locally owned and operated since 1998. We only employ licensed and insured professionals to ensure we deliver the highest quality of service on all emergency AC and furnace repair jobs. We also have Coleman and Mitsubishi factory-trained certifications, and we’re capable of repairing a wide range of heating and cooling equipment. All homeowners in Clarkston, White Lake, Commerce, and surrounding Oakland County areas are eligible for our services.

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