Air Conditioning Maintenance in White Lake and Oakland County

AC Maintenance - HVAC Comfort - AdobeStock_167385514Our AC maintenance packages prevent you from getting caught by the dog days of summer.

Air conditioner maintenance is critical when living in Michigan's fluctuating temperatures. White Lake's humid summers bring extra stress on AC equipment and often result in damage requiring a certified AC maintenance professional to make repairs. Thankfully, HVAC Comfort offers comprehensive AC maintenance packages so you can avoid expensive issues in the future. It's recommended that you have your air conditioner inspected at least once, if not two or three times a year. Our licensed and qualified AC technicians will assist with all safety and efficiency inspections, providing you with only the best and most accurate recommendations for your unit.

Comprehensive Air Conditioner Maintenance and Inspections

When conducting our AC maintenance services, we will thoroughly check your air filters, clean your equipment, and keep the area around the unit clean during our inspection. Our experts have fixed it all, from leaking ducts and low airflow to worn-out coils or overheated fuses. We offer emergency services to White Lake and Oakland County residents to assist with any air conditioning repairs you need. Our air conditioning experts are licensed and insured. Since we service and repair all equipment brands, you can put your full confidence in us to professionally complete your AC repair.

AC Maintenance - HVAC Comfort - AdobeStock_222709934_(1)Prevent Costly Air Conditioning Services by Taking a Proactive Approach

Expensive air conditioning services can be prevented by conducting routine air conditioning inspections and maintenance. We offer flexible packages that allow you to stay on top of issues with your AC and your heating system. For as little as $89 a year, you can receive a comprehensive inspection and tune-up of your air conditioner, saving you money on operating costs and putting off expensive repairs. Our AC Maintenance plans are the best way to protect your investment. Our packages come in one, two, and three-year agreements, allowing you to select the correct AC service level that meets your needs. 

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