Furnace Maintenance and Regular Furnace Inspections Can Extend the Life of Your White Lake Home's Heating System

Regular furnace maintenance and inspections by certified furnace technicians are the most crucial steps you can take to extend the lifetime of your home's heating system and prevent emergencies. 

Certified Furnace Maintenance and Inspections: White Lake & Oakland County | HVAC Comfort - AdobeStock_333341891_(1)We recommended that you service your furnace at least once a year to ensure excellent working conditions. Performing regular maintenance will give your furnace a longer lifespan, keep the air in your home cleaner, and give you peace of mind. Doing this can also increase your energy savings. We offer White Lake and Oakland County residents comprehensive inspections and maintenance for all heating systems, including heat pumps, furnaces, and high-quality boilers.

Comprehensive Furnace Inspection and Maintenance

During our furnace inspection and maintenance visits, we look at your entire heating system to identify issues. We lubricate bearings and adjust belt tension to ensure that moving parts function correctly. We check and fix any problems with your furnace's electrical systems. We clean the exterior and interior of your furnace and replace the air filter. Our furnace maintenance technicians inspect your furnace's heat exchanger, exhaust system, gas pressure, and gas lines. Finally, we test the system controls and calibrate your thermostat.

Certified Furnace Maintenance and Inspections: White Lake & Oakland County | HVAC Comfort - AdobeStock_92684369_(3)Affordable Furnace Maintenance Packages

To help our clients keep their furnaces safe and running efficiently, we offer an affordable residential maintenance program. Our program offers a complete 19-point tune-up and safety inspection for the low price of $89 per year. We will visit your home in the fall to conduct furnace maintenance and again in the spring for your AC unit. In as little as 40 min, your furnace can be running smoother and cheaper, and you can feel good knowing that you are adding years to its lifespan. We offer one, two, and three-year furnace maintenance plans, and customers that take part receive 15% off all flat-rate repairs!

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