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Common AC Issues and How To Fix Them

HVAC Comfort Team

A malfunctioning air conditioner can be a cause for alarm, especially during hot summer weather. While many AC issues require a certified technician to repair, basic troubleshooting techniques may help you find a quick fix for some common AC problems. Here is a guide to solving common AC problems.

  • The air conditioner does not turn on
    • If the Air Conditioner cannot turn on, first check to ensure it’s plugged into a power source. If the problem persists, it may be as a result of a tripped circuit breaker or a blown-up fuse.
    • The problem may also indicate a hitch in your thermostat. Lower the thermostat setting by five to ten degrees and set it to cool. If the air conditioner still cannot start, it may be a problem with the motor or compressor and will require a technician.
  • The air conditioner runs but cannot cool air
    • It is common to have an AC that is running but not cooling. The problem has a number of potential causes, including a dirty air filter or a blocked condensate drain. Check the outside unit and remove any debris that may be blocking air circulation into the condensate drain and clean it. If the AC still cannot cool air, it could be a faulty compressor or inadequate refrigerant in the system. This may require a professional technician.
  • The air conditioner cools inadequately
    • If your air conditioner is cooling, but not enough, it may not be the right size for your room and you should consider replacing it with a larger one. In other cases, the refrigerant may be undercharged or there may be a leak and it’s vital to check for any leaks before adding any more refrigerant.
  • The air conditioner turns on and off repeatedly
    • If your air conditioner turns on and off repeatedly, it may be caused by a blocked condenser unit or dirty evaporator. Check for obstructions on both the evaporator and the condenser unit and clean the entire unit for any debris.
  • The air conditioner never turns off
    • If the AC runs continuously even after attaining the required room temperature, it indicates a possible problem with the fan. Try turning off the thermostat fan if you can and check the refrigerant level and the relay switches.

It is important to maintain your AC by giving it a frequent inspection, cleaning and changing air filters. However, if it still malfunctions after applying basic troubleshooting techniques, you need to consult a professional HVAC contractor.