Should I Leave My AC Off When I'm On Vacation?

If you want to save money on your electric bill, you will obviously want to leave your AC off while you are on vacation. If you live in a hot climate, you should know that A/C units draw an extreme amount of electricity and are likely to make up the majority of your electric bill. Of course, our choice to leave on your AC unit depends on your circumstances and finances.

  • The Cost

The energy guzzling nature of air conditioners is enough to shatter your monthly budget with several daily hours of coolness. Determining your electric costs depends on the wattage of your AC unit and the cost of electricity per KWh. A 12,000 BTU air conditioner may end up costing over $100 to $200 per month if used all day without interruption. Even smaller window AC units can rack up bills of over $50 per month. If this seems like chump change, then feel free to leave it on all day.

  • Maintenance

Consider that AC units need to be constantly cleaned and have check-ups for faultiness so that it can run sm0othly. Running your unit 24-hours a day without and supervision may end up breaking or degrading the unit while you are gone. If you have a housekeeper that can check on it every once in a while, have them at least clean the filter so that its internal components don't get clogged.

  • Why you might want to leave it on.

Computers and electronics are very sensitive to heat and will degrade if not cooled. If you own a business, have a complex security system, or must leave your computer on 24/7, then you might have a case for why you would want to leave you AC on. In this case, it is better to leave it at a temperature that is safe for electronics rather than a temperature that is comfortable for humans.

For more information on AC units, contact the expert team at HVAC Comfort today. We are White Lake's leading heating and air conditioning contractors!


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